Thomas Adams Casting


Tim Reeves, Creative Director, Picture Production Co’

“The great thing about working with Tom is that you are guaranteed to have a successful casting session. He’s always totally on-brief and will consistently present a large pool of quality talent, plus is a massive help when booking and negotiating with agents. I completely value his opinion and he will always be my first choice when it comes to Casting Director.”

Sabrina Perry, Project Manager, Duck Productions

“Tom is superb to work it with, fast and efficient – he’s able to work with complex briefs and deliver amazing results for all of our casting needs. We really enjoyed working with him at DUCK and can’t wait to get him on another campaign soon.”

Richard Carter-Hounslow, Producer, Fresh Films

“I really enjoy working with Thomas. He’s a Casting Director who doesn’t just get in set numbers of people in an attempt to cover all bases, he’s someone who really thinks about the brief and the characters we require.  Thinking it’s better to see twenty people we love rather than forty who are a mixed bag.  He’s always able to advise on buyouts and give me help when I need it.  He’s really helped me out in some incredibly tight situations.”

Tally Parr, Producer, TrueQ

“Another great job with Tom!  The unusual nature of the job meant we had to approach casting in a different manner. Not only was Tom able to bring the fresh approach required, but delivered awesome results too.  Happy Happy client!”